Wednesday, August 27, 2008

I want to grow

Grant has been interested lately in how things grow. This is due mainly to the fact that Peter and I are constantly saying things like, "you need to eat your veggies so that you grow big and strong" or "you need to eat some meat so you grow". So, it's no wonder that the other day he told me that "I need a Z bar mommy so that I can grow" (for those of you Moms who haven't discovered these they're the kid version of a cliff bar and they are yummy) We've also been talking a lot about why we water the grass and why it rains? Can you tell we've entered the "why" phase? So because we've been explaining that watering the grass makes it grow and when it rains the trees and plants get a drink so that they can grow it makes sense that he wanted to use the watering can on Maggie so that "she can grow too". I guess he's ready for her to be big enough to play with him!

Sunday, August 24, 2008

The Potty Chronicles

Something happened today that I thought would NEVER happen! Grant agreed to wear "big boy underwear" (Thomas, of course) under the condition that he not pee or poop in them! He was outside with Daddy playing in the yard so naturally his potty moved outdoors with him. When I rounded the corner holding Maggie to check on Daddy and Grant Peter's eyes were as wide as saucers as he looked at me and nodded toward Grant who was sitting on his potty with his underwear around his ankles! I have to tell you this was a very exciting moment! Peter and I shared a silent high five and celebrated with Grant after he PULLED UP HIS OWN UNDERWEAR!!! So, naturally I'm thinking of how great it will be to de done with potty training and on to bigger and better accomplishments. Of course less than 1.5 hours later Grant walks into the house with dirt blackened Thomas underwear and mud covering 3/4 of his body exclaiming, "Mommy I peed, I peed" When I asked him where he said excitedly, "in my underwear and on the porch!". "oh, I replied I guess it's back to the drawing board"...He just laughed and said, "Mommy you're silly". So true Grant so true!

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Happy Birthday Owen

Grant's friend Owen turned 3 recently. We were able to celebrate with him! Owen and Grant made cupcakes together and partied it up at Owen's Party! Once again pictures courtesy of Amalia!

The lake

One thing that I found really peculiar when we moved to Spokane was how often people referred to going to "the lake". In the midwest there are a handful of lakes and when talking about them most people call them by name or by the town they are closest to, Lake Michigan, Warsaw etc. In Spokane, however, there are so many lakes and even some rivers that are so huge they are referred to as lakes. Many people have property or homes on these bodies of water and therefore it's just easier to say you're going to "the lake" instead of explaining where your property is. So, I guess that was all an aside for my midwestern types who may find this a bit humerous. We had playgroup at my friend, Holly's, lake home. My dear friend Amalia took these photos as well as many others you will see on this blog. Check out what fun the kids had driving the boat, eating ice cream and enjoying the HOT HOT day! Thanks again Holly for such a fun time!

Wednesday, August 13, 2008


Maggie is growing like crazy! Here a few pics to show you!

Where's your hair?

I decided to cut my hair for no particular reason other than I needed a change. After growing it out for quite a while cutting several inches off seemed to be quite a change. The evening that I had it cut Grant had gone to bed before I got home. The next morning when I was getting him out of bed he immediately started talking to me about what we were going to do today and all the cars that he had taken to bed with him. When I went to get him out of his bed after several minutes of talking right in the middle of his sentence he stopped, looked at my face and said, "Mommy, where's your hair?" A couple of times since then he has said to me, "Mommy, I like your hair". Hmmmm is Daddy already training him?

I can't know...

Grant and I were looking at pictures the other day and we were naming people. He's pretty good about most of the family that we don't get to see very often because we talk about them a lot. But one time as we were going through who was in a picture he forgot someone's name and when I asked him, "who is that Grant" he looked at me with really sad eyes and said, "I can't know Mommy". It was so sweet the way he genuinely wanted to remember the name but just couldn't call it to mind! Also, this is the first time he used the phrase, "I can't know" which, by the way, is now one of his most favorite phrases!

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Bed Time requests

Lately when we put Grant to bed at night he often has several requests: binkie, doggie, blankie, water and sometimes a car or a train. Tonight after tucking him in and closing the door, I heard the ever so familiar "Mommy" over and over again in a very rhythmic pattern. When I went in to check and see what request I could have missed there he was standing up in his crib with all his "stuff" in hand wanting to "sleep in Mommy's bed". After I told him he could come snuggle with me in the morning he calmed down and I tucked him in again. About 10 minutes later after putting Maggie to sleep, I hear the rhythm again, "Mooommmmmy" only this time each syllable was more accentuated than the previous! Upon enter his room this time and asking what was wrong this was his response, " I need my car, my snots out and you tuck me in OK?" I just smiled and said, "sure buddy" This time he fall asleep... I guess I finally got it right!

Monday, August 4, 2008

It's potty time!

Slowly but surely Grant is making his way in the world of potty training! To say this process has been an ordeal is an understatment. But I've realized that most of the isssues associated with this have been because of me and my ideas of when he should be potty trained. I'm finally understanding that he WILL eventually use the toilet on his own. As my OB suggested, "most people don't go to college in diapers" to which I responded, "maybe some of them should". At any rate here are a few photos of our exciting morning "cooking without pants" and going pee pee on the potty!


One of the best things I ever did upon the birth of our precious Granty was joining a group called PEPS. We met once a week for two hours and with the help of a facilitator discussed all the issues plaguing us as new Moms. From that group we formed a playgroup that is still going strong nearly 3 years later. During the summer we meet at a different park every week. Here's couple of pictures from last week!

Maggie's shoes

I have to admit that dressing Maggie is much for fun than it was to dress Grant. Although I can always count on Grant to get excited about a new pair of shoes or a Thomas t-shirt it's not quite the same as this teeny tiny adorable pink tennis shoes. This is just the beginning Maggie! What until Grandma gets her hands on you and introduces you to the world of shoes!

Sunday, August 3, 2008

Beer please

This afternoon we went to a birthday party for Grant's friend Owen. While everyone was enjoying their cake and ice cream our hostess, Amalia, asked if anyone wanted to have a beer. At first there was a brief silence and then Grant said, "I'll have one"...

This is truly the King in him...
too cute...