Friday, March 27, 2009


Grant and I are sitting on the couch while Maggie is sleeping just hanging out and Grant pokes his finger in my belly and asks, "what is that, Mommy, is there another baby in there?" I smile and say, "no". Grant says "well, what is it then" I go on to explain that it's simply extra skin and fat that my body wants to hang on to! He states so reassuringly, "I like it Mommy". Thanks Buddy...

Sunday, March 8, 2009

Gene Wilder?

This is Maggie doing her best Gene Wilder impression...

I can't believe how quickly time is passing these days. Grant and Maggie are growing up so quickly. Maggie is thinking about starting to crawl and Grant is so busy it's hard to pin him down for a good snuggle. He loves to talk (I wonder why) and is so good as singing and dancing (I know Mom, you told me so). His love affair with Thomas the train is still going strong and we are all ready for Spring so we can get outside and run! Here's a few pictures as of late!

Maggie loves perogies