Wednesday, December 16, 2009

The infamous Miss Lori

This is Grant's second year in Miss Lori's preschool class. He is smitten with her!! She is an absolutely amazing teacher and we love her so very much! This is Miss Lori's last year teaching preschool so Grant will be moving on to other ventures next year! We will miss her so much! She has given Grant an immeasureable gift, the passion to learn!

The Jingle Pig

A couple of years ago my Mom and Dad gave Grant this Jingle Pig! It "snorts" the tune to jingle bells, walks around and even squeels when you pull his tail. Grant was terrified of it until this year! It's his very favorite Christmas "decoration". So much in fact that he brought it for his sharing day this week! I couldn't resist taking a video so Mom and Dad could see the legacy of the Jingle Pig!