Sunday, January 6, 2013

Fairies and Falling

In the past couple of days Maggie has been more and more curious about the fairies that were once visiting her fairy garden (Thank you Grandma King!) she started wondering why they weren't visiting  during the winter.  I suggested that maybe it's too cold for them to visit in the winter and we do have a few inches of snow.  Perhaps they can't fly when it's so chilly!  Quickly Maggie reminded me that TinkerBell's sister, Periwinkle, is indeed a winter fairy and she can definitely fly in the winter!  The cold doesn't bother her at all!  In fact, she is a frost fairy so "there is no way the cold can bother her"!  Touche Maggie, touche!  She decided it would be helpful to check out the fairy garden and see what the fairies need to make them want to visit the garden again. After inspecting the current status of the garden she sternly reported that the garden was "a complete disaster".  There were pineneedles everywhere and the snow had covered most of the furniture and fencing.  The tree which we built the garden underneath wasn't "protecting the garden at all...because all the leaves fell off!"  After careful consideration, she decided the best thing to do was to build the fairies their own shovel to clean up the garden!  She decided a small plastic spoon would do the trick!  Below is a picture of the finished product!

Before you peruse the video that follows you must know that NO MOMMIES OR UNBORN BABIES WERE HARMED IN THE MAKING OF THIS VIDEO! You also must know that less than a week prior to this video I feel on the ice and bruised my knee!  I've been hobbling around and whining about it ever since!  O.K., now you can watch the video below where Maggie discovers that the fairies did indeed visit her garden in the winter and the addition of the shovel helped tremendously in cleaning up the "disaster" that was once her garden!

Wednesday, January 2, 2013

We did some sledding in the last couple of days of Christmas Break!  Here are a few highlights